Budget Friendly Resorts In Ghana

Nomadic Maajoa

Need a vacay on a budget? 😃

Here is list of 5 budget friendly resorts in Ghana with websites attached you will find useful.


Ahanta Eco- lodge

Location: Busua, Western Region

Dorm Room Cost: GH₵85 (includes breakfast) per person

Private rooms : GH₵100-300

Why I Love it;

Free Wifi, Great food, Lots of activties around (surf,swim, tour,read) and Amazing staff.

Visit http://www.ahantawaves.com for more


The Green Ranch

Location: Lake Bosomtwe, Kumasi

Dorm cabin: Ghc 45

Private room: Ghc 100-200

Why I love it;

Horse Riding Lessons, Delicious vegetarian only food, No plastic, free water from underground spring & Lake view.

Visit http://www.Greenranchlakebosomtwe.com


Meet Me There Ghana

Location: Dzita, Volta Region

Dorm room (x4 Beds): Gh₵40/50

Private Rooms: GH₵90-230

Why I love it ;

Food is so good, Easy to get to from Ada via boat, Beautiful space and Tourist attractions close by

Visit http://www.ghanameetmethere.com


Escape 3…

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✅Middle finger to social distancing
✅Extremely slow system
✅300 quarrels
✅1 billion expectorates
✅Face masks as bandana & eye patches

Can “we” bring back lives now? A question for the gods hmm. Looks like the best immune system is in a comfortable lead anyway. Nonetheless, may God save us all from the second wave. Asem beba dabi!

International Women’s Day

In celebrating women’s day(which should be well celebrated), all women must reflect, reason, and collectively begin to search for their magic wander which is capable of opening all doors of problems they are consciously and unconsciously going through. The word ‘man’ is a univocal term signifying all human species including women. The term ‘wo-man’ implies that women are more unique and spiritually stronger than men in that a woman can naturally represent(produce) herself and her opposite sex(man). Contemplating on man-and-woman-who-came-first phenomenon, one would ask the following question:
Who in this world can dispute the fact that women give birth to both men and women?
Are men not the offsprings of women?


The answers to the above questions alone should inform women not to sit unconcerned while the men stampede them(women) economically, politically, socially, culturally, you name them. Why are women allowing men to cheat them when they can put men under their feet? I can’t think far???

Women have everything to turn this chaotic world into more open and economic-friendly environment for all but it appears that they are not ready to do that. When I imagine the chunks of immeasurable latent powers lying within the bosom of these beautiful-but-destitute-looking African women, and I juxtapose them with the problems they are ignorantly going through, I only weep.

Why is Africa a patriarchal community when the number of women far outweighs that of the men?
Why should women hide their naturally gifted powers when they can actually use them?
Why should women seek help from men who are biologically and psychically inferior to women? (I think)

In fact, women have mistakenly consistently sought affirmative action policies from men who have no real powers to materialize them. Would you allow a snake to bite you when you have a club beside you? I hope the women will see the signal I’m trying to give them. For me, there is one universal bitter truth lying behind women’s problem. The truth is that women are their own enemies. Look, there are more women than men in this world, and Ghana is no exception. If Ghanaian women really want to run this country, they should begin to vote for their members. This is a simple remedy against paternalistic government. My mothers, this is my humble opinion to you: Unite and choose your political leaders(fellow women) strategically. No need to cry wolf when you have all the remedies on your finger tips


63 Years On A Roller Coaster Ride

Happy birthday Ama Ghana. What is the essence of wishing a 63 year old a happy birthday when life was probably better when she was in her mama’s womb? 63 years of binging on hope amidst great speeches, pronouncements and fasting and prayers for the country. Once again, faith without deeds is superstitious.

Aid can never solve our problems. Staking 2 odds with the money we borrow from others can neither solve our problems. We must remember that the people who give us aids and grants have their own agenda and their agenda is far from ours.Corruption is a canker that has scourged Ghana since shillings. In Ghana, we claim to be 60% Christians and 30% Muslims but corruption is our groupie. The blood of corruption is thicker than that of Christ in this part of the world. This is a scar in the conscience of humanity in the words of Tony Blair. Throughout the ages, man has changed a behavior when there is a threat of pain, the pain of imprisonment will go a long way reducing this social canker. Who will imprison who though? The ruling government and opposition are all brothers from different mothers.


On our education system, we live in a country where success is equivalent to passing exams. We are obsessed with degrees but barely ask ourselves the content of the degrees. It is no wonder we have graduates who form an unemployed graduates association. Who does this? There is no voodoo in the ballot box. The fact that you are a dunce does not change when you run an election and win. You just become an elected dunce. Funny enough, there is no shortage of dunces and dunderheads in this country who are moving the reverse gear in jet-like speed towards the wrong direction. We are tired of leaders who dance to the tune of “yentie obiaa”, have the ego of Ozymandias and rule like Stalin. Maybe, just maybe, we the cheetah generation as described by Prof Allotey need to work extra hard for the good of this nation.


20200306_095615Hope is never lost! Rolling up our sleeves and bringing all hands on deck can propel us to greater heights. Yes we can! Arise Ghana youth for your country and let us exercise the ghost of low self esteem and corruption for the betterment of this nation.

…these are the thoughts of a young black boy…


You of all people should know I’m mad over you. Then you must have prepared your Words

Trust me It’s Not Easy to play along.
I thought you’d seen it all because I’ve always been With You. Well I’m still doubting if you can Love Me Like You Do. I can’t tell if I’m still your Chocho Mucho or if you’d still catch a Grenade for me. What happened to Susuka when I faltered?It’s hard to believe but I have Nobody aside you and no one can be compared to you Maabena.

I know you lied about Obiara Nni H) and I would obviously be pissed if Things Fall Apart but then
they wont, trust me after all y3som Nyame aa )wanwani. Don’t try to put on the tough skin of John Cena. He can’t even Break Every Chain. Sometimes I appear tough, You Are The Reason. The recent happenings all appear Impossible but sh*t is manifesting. If you want,we can start all Ova

Let’s keep things this way for now. I want you to know that I do love you.
I’ll never find Someone like you, laugh out loud! Well, Thank You for the moments.

It’s never too late to say Sorry. You’re still the Queen of my heart.

I guess it’s all in God’s plan. Let’s leave everything on God. He captured Mi Corazon. Finally, let the church say amen. Wait, I can see a Halo. No I said Hello from the other side.
Oh Samatha. Why don’t we Rewrite the skies? Naaa y33k) Nyame fie nti Fa wo ladder. I won’t climb if you don’t Fill me up. No matter what happens we’re Space Bound.

Disclaimer: This piece is far from reality. It’s collection of popular songs compiled by EJI Telepastors

Thoughts of A Young Black Boy

The dream to drink from the river of prosperity, freed from the thirst of oppression, that’s the everyday thought of the young black boy and opana would go the extra mile to turn these dreams into realities. The young black boy can be a living contradiction sometimes. Give him 4 weeks to finish an assignment and seniorman will be glad to do it the dawn before submission. That’s the spirit!

The young black boy can perpetuate strange thoughts and channel them into “unnecessary” arguments many times. Go to a football viewing center and get shocked by the comparisons fans make. One guy was vehemently saying Sogne Yacouba was far better than Messi. It was a heavy knock on his head that made him stop that loose talk. Don’t shake your head yet. The same young black boy claimed Thursday football is the best to ever grace the world of football. I wonder the types of substances he takes.

A land flowing with milk and honey, that’s the desire of the young black boy but hmm, the young black boy won’t go the extra mile to fill the land with bees and cattle. He wants to make it bigger and better but he has bought fear and it has costed him a lot. The young black boy is very intelligent but lacks confidence. The environment isn’t helping him as well. Try to do something uniquely and be attached with “oprega”, a word that has shattered many dreams.

They say education is the key. What’s the lock? A question for the gods. “Money is not in the system” but the young black boy strives to make it. Both teams to score, overs and unders and straight wins have provided more joy and money than the government and black santa. No matter how many slips vanish before the matchday ends, the hope of winning again keeps the young black boy going. Of course ego bee but dangerous tears are always ahead.

The young black boy is a complete package, one in a billion and the best at what he does

…these are the thoughts of another young black boy…


Giving, once upon a time a Vincent Van Gogh and Joseph’s coat of many colours is now treated with contempt. I don’t blame no one, well I blame these 21st century narcissistic religious freaks who disseminate misconceptions on giving.

When you saw “giving” you thought of money right. Brethren let’s not be misguided. What do you offer your community. Community might be far fetched. What do you give to your friends and family. What kind of impact do you impact the people you encounter. That’s all about giving.

Wondering about money and other “goods” while writing on giving, I wandered in the abyss of my cognition and Aminata Sow Fall’s “Beggar’s Strike ” striked me. The chronic givers loved to give lowkey and not make a fuss about doing this or that. That should be our attitude towards giving. Give and it shall be given unto you, the Bible was so right and karma even reflects this but then your right hand has got no business to do with what your left gives . Stay woke sistren.

Nevertheless, giving is reciprocal and you should be a cheerful giver. Time never stands still walaahi and everyone needs help,no doubt about it. Someway somehow the most infinitesimal of all gifts yields the greatest returns, go ask the widow of her mite. Your giving can make a great difference no matter how great or small it may be.

Don’t be intentionally forgetful when it comes to giving. Of course paapa y3 guy but let no one extort you. There’s more blessing in giving and this is definitely a Kwame Adu and ugggitsmeagain’s story and of course these are the thoughts of two young black kids.

Pray For Sudan😎 Get The Facts Straight 😊

Sudan, once upon a time a Vincent Van Gogh and the largest country in Africa is now a scar in the conscience of humanity and is in mayhem. In fact, she has always been in crisis since shillings. Its dark let us turn the lights and brighten the inner light of Sudan which was split into Sudan and South Sudan in July 2011. This write-up focusses on Sudan. The two rounds of north-south civil war cost the lives of about 1.5million people. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There’s continuous conflict in the western region of Darfus driving over 2 million poeple away from their homes and killing more than 200000 people. Sudan,hmm,hell on earth? A question for the gods.

How did the brouhaha start?

It all began in December 2018 as the people didn’t like the idea of fuel subsidies and many more. This ignited a demonstration. The climax of the protest was in April 6, 2019 when the protesters asked the army to force the president out of office. Omar was overthrown 5 days later after 30 years in power.

The Council of Generals, led by Lt.Gen.Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan took charge in April 11,2019. They’re known as the 7 member Transitional Millitary Council (TMC). Charity begins at home. The army is divided. How can they unite the country and ensure a smooth transition? A second question for the gods. Still on this transition, it was agreed that 3 years would be used to normalise affairs in Sudan in order to wipe Omar’s cronies from office. The TMC later came out to suggest a 9 month transition which was not accepted by the people. The civilians now had to kiss the indecisive ass of the TMC. A few days down the line, security forces opened fire on Pro-democracy protesters in Khartuom making negotiations collapse on June 3. After the June 3 tragedy, the TMC claimed the operation targetted criminals and trouble makers. Asem beba dabi.

The opposition in regards to the demonstration is the Sudanese Professional Association made up of doctors, other health workers and lawyers. A woman titled Kandaka-Nubian Queen, has been seen leading chants. She’s literally the symbol of the protesters.

International Response

AU has suspended Sudan from it’s membership until a civilian led transitional authority is established. How on earth can this prevent the numerous deaths. A third question for the gods. Birds of a feather flock together indeed. Fair weather friend, UN has removed all non-essential staff from Sudan. The UN did same during the Rwanda genocide, pathetic! Saudi Arabia,Egypt and UAE are acting but haven’t directly condemned the violence,sigh

Prayer has always been the key but prayer without deeds is superstitious. I entreat us all to actually go beyond the posts and pray for Sudan. All authorities must do their best to help our brethen in Sudan and act beyond posting #prayforsudan.

…these are the thoughts of a young black boy…